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Cinematic Waves - ABOUT-04.png
Cinematic Waves - ABOUT-04.png
Cinematic Waves - ABOUT-04.png
Cinematic Waves - ABOUT-04.png
Cinematic Waves - ABOUT-04.png
Cinematic Waves - ABOUT-04.png
Cinematic Waves - ABOUT-04.png
Cinematic Waves - ABOUT-04.png
Cinematic Waves - ABOUT-03.png



Your sound matters. Let’s amplify it.

Cinematic Waves - HOME-09.png

As a close-knit, boutique TV & Film Post Production Studio, we treat every one of the projects we work on, with the same passion as if it were our own creation.


We want to get to know the mission, heart, and soul behind your project so we can create the sound that best communicates your creative vision. 


Sound design is more than a practice. It’s in our passion. 


Let us help you realize your vision through the power of sound-creation, post-production, mixing, and mastering. 


Your sound matters. Let’s amplify it.

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Cinematic Waves - ABOUT-06.png

Luke Deardoff is best known for his unique ability to integrate meticulous technical ability, creative ingenuity, and genuine passion for people into his work as a sound expert. Which is what makes him one of the most sought-after Sound Designers.


Before founding Cinematic Waves, Luke spent years honing his expertise in sound-creation, post-production, mixing, and mastering at some of the country’s most prestigious post-production studios.


But after thousands of hours spent behind the soundboard, he realized factor-style technical work wasn’t enough to fulfill his passion. He knew in order to make a bigger impact, he also wanted to connect with fellow artists, creatives, and directors to create work that aligns with his mission to amplify the power of sound.


Now he’s dedicated to creating a comprehensive experience that matches the quality of your voice to Cinematic Waves’s production skills, without your budget getting in the way.


Through Sound Design, Luke has found his voice and now he wants to help you find yours.


Cinematic Waves - HOME-12.png
Meet the TEAM
Cinematic Waves - ABOUT-07.png


Joey is an expert in sound effect editing with over 40 credits on IMDb and even more uncredited features.  His commitment to high-quality sound and realism are what make his creativity an essential component of bringing life to any and every project he works on.

Cinematic Waves - ABOUT-08.png


Austin is known as a tech -savvy sound editor with expert skill in aligning dialogue, effects, and music editing. His passion as a music editor gives him a unique edge in crafting precise sound edits to every project he touches.

Cinematic Waves - HOME-13.png

“Bringing Luke on to our project was one of the best decisions we made for our film. Not only did he exceed our high expectations with his incredible audio work, but he was an absolute pleasure to work with. So kind, talented, understanding, determined, reasonable, and fun. We truly couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our team to bring our film to the professional level we had aspired it to be. And ultimately, he’s just an amazing guy!”

Cinematic Waves - ABOUT-13.png


Cinematic Waves - HOME-13.png

Working with Luke on my films was an absolute dream. He not only did great work, but he also amplified my films to new heights with his creative decisions and ability. He’s more than just a sound designer, he’s an artist and above all, a fantastic collaborator. I have, and will continue to recommend him to anyone who needs sound design for their projects. And also, he's just an incredible person. And these days, you want to bring great people onto your projects. 

Cinematic Waves - ABOUT-14.png


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